Circuit makes your Teamwork better

Circuit is everything your teams need to communicate in a single app. It’s voice, video, screen share, chat, and file sharing. It’s collaboration made simple.

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Why business collaboration is better with Circuit

One tool with one view

Participate in private one-to-one, group, or company-wide conversations, where all content and communications is shared in an ongoing, free flowing and continuous conversation stream.

Social collaboration

Voice and video collaboration are just a click away. Circuit brings teams together more productively and efficiently.

Natural user experience

Circuit’s simplicity takes collaborating to a new level. The intuitive user interface provides a more natural and social collaboration experience that is the same on all Circuit devices—from Chrome web browser, iPhone®, iPad® or AndroidTM.

Powerful and contextual search

With Circuit, all content is easy to find. The ability to search and filter by search terms and people, enables you to quickly find the things they need, whenever they need them.

Content storage and history

Circuit provides instantaneous access to files and information shared over time. Everything stays within the context of the conversation, keeping everything that is relevant together in one place.

Now on Android

On the road? Now you can enjoy the same level of mobile collaboration from your Android as you do from your laptop. Access all your conversations, chats, and documents. Plus participate in video collaboration any time you want to. Wherever you are, everything’s in one place and everything’s easy in Circuit.
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Circuit makes sharing easy

Online collaboration keeps everyone on the same page. Whether you’ve shared text, images or important documents, Circuit keeps it all together in one place.

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Circuit makes virtual collaboration engaging

Circuit’s HD video and natural conversation feed will keep you from feeling disengaged or disconnected from the rest of the team. Start and stop the conversation as you would naturally and never again feel at a disadvantage for working remotely.

These are some of the companies leading the move to new ways of working with Circuit.

Circuit helps you find people, documents and conversations

Circuit stores all your files with the conversations where they happened. Whatever you shared, viewed, or discussed can easily be found. And if you happen to miss a meeting, no worries, you’ll find what you missed - anytime you need it.

Circuit travels with you

Circuit will go wherever you go, so you can collaborate and access files from wherever you want, when you want, and how you want. Connect from your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Android and move your active calls with you while you’re in transition.

There are numerous collaboration platforms in the market, but none of them as comprehensive as Circuit. In my 28 years in this industry, no other product has had this much positive impact on a business I’ve been involved in.

Mahmood Chaudhri, Managing Director at Datrix

Circuit is a winner!

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