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Known issues and User Notifications

  • Updated configuration details for OpenScape Business systems: Please check the appropriate link below depending on the Circuit system that your OpenScape Business system is connected to.


Planned maintenance

Planned maintenance activities provide new features and fixes for Circuit and are typically performed during off-peak hours to minimize impact on your business.

Current schedule is:

  • Circuit application (web and mobile client): 

    • na.yourcircuit.com: On April 24th, between 06:00 AM and 08:00 AM UTC. As this will be done during the off hours for the area, service will suffer small interruptions during the maintenance period.

    • eu.yourcircuit.com: On April 13h, between 03:00 AM and 07:00 AM UTC. Service will suffer interruptions during the maintenance period.

  • Circuit website: none.