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Known issues and User Notifications

  • Minimum SBC version required for on-premise Telephony Connector

SBCs with versions older than 09.04.08.XX used for on-premise telephony connectors (ATC/pUTC/STC) need to be upgraded, to avoid any impact on the Circuit Telephony service following the upcoming deprecation of DTLS 1.0 by Chrome.

Recommended target version is

  • Cloud Services eCommerce mail address change. Please note that you need to address ssc-circuitusersupport@atos.net to contact us for commercial issues.
  • Circuit Forum is currently unavailable, we are sorry for the inconveniences.


Planned maintenance

Planned maintenance activities provide new features and fixes for Circuit and are typically performed during off-peak hours to minimize impact on your business.

Current schedule is:

  • Circuit application (web and mobile client): 

    • na.yourcircuit.com: On March 27 between 06:00 AM and 10:00 AM UTC. Users will experience service disruption within that time-period. No other impact on service is expected. 

    • eu.yourcircuit.com: On March 28 between 06:00 AM and 09:00 AM UTC. Users will experience a temporary "Reconnecting" condition over a period of 3 minutes at 06:30 AM UTC. No other impact on service is expected. 

  • Circuit website: none.

  • OpenScape Cloud:

    • na.yourcircuit.com: none
    • eu.yourcircuit.com: none