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A software bug exists with the Chrome browser (i.e. version 53.0.xxxx.yy or lower) that may impact the audio setting upon joining a Circuit conference call via the “Guest Access” link. On October... Mehr >
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Issue: Google just released Chrome v52. We observed that after the browser upgrade takes place to v52 , the "Audio output" and "Microphone" settings are reset to default. We are investigating why... Mehr >
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Is there a way to know if my Android version is updated? Will it update automatically without my assistance? Mehr >
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Guest access participants attempting to join a group call could terminate the conference call inadvertently due to an incorrect message being delivered to the conferencing server In order to... Mehr >
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It could be interesting to be able to "mute" partecipants in an Open Conversation or in a Community.. a feature that allows administrator to deny replies and comments for all the partecipants. In... Mehr >
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