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Circuit Desktop App

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Circuit Desktop App provides an excellent way to access Circuit on your desktop computer without having to open one more tab in your browser. It supports all the features of Circuit on the web and more: the app can launch automatically when your system starts, allows screen share initiators to enable the mouse pointer for viewers to draw attention to specific points, run from the system tray (notification area) on Windows.


Circuit Desktop App can be installed on Microsoft Windows (7 or later, 64-bit version) or Apple Max OS X (10.6 Snow Leopard or later).

  • To download and install the Circuit Desktop App:
    1. On the web client, click your user name and navigate to Settings > Extensions.
    2. Locate the Circuit Desktop App extension.
    3. Click Download and wait for the file to download.
    4. Double-click the downloaded file (CircuitSetup.exe) and follow the on-screen instructions to install the Circuit Desktop App.

      Circuit will launch automatically once it is installed. You need to read the End-User License Agreement and agree with its terms before you start using the app.

  • To uninstall the Circuit Desktop App:
    • On your Windows system

    1. Navigate to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.
    2. Locate the Circuit <version number> program and click Uninstall.
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the Circuit app on Windows.

    • On your Mac OS system

    1. Go to the Finder in OS X.
    2. Navigate to the Applications folder and select the Circuit Desktop App.
    3. Either drag the app icon to the Trash or right-click and select Move to Trash.
    4. Right-click on the Trash can and select Empty Trash.

    Circuit Desktop App will be removed from your computer.

Other useful things to know:

  • Desktop App has a menu bar with File, Edit, View, Window and Help menus.

  • Circuit Desktop App on Windows runs in the system tray so that you continue to receive notifications from Circuit even if you close the app window by clicking X in its upper-right corner.


    If you close the app window by clicking X in its upper-right corner while you are on a call, your call will be disconnected.

    When clicking the Circuit icon in the system tray, a context menu appears with the following options:

    • Open: Opens the Circuit Desktop App window

    • Check for updates: Checks for new, uninstalled updates

    • Settings: Opens the Settings dialog

    • About: Opens the About dialog

    • Exit: Exits the Circuit Desktop App and removes Circuit from the system tray.

    Double-clicking the Circuit icon in the system tray opens the Circuit Desktop App window.

  • When running the Circuit Desktop App on Windows and you have unread messages in Circuit, the Circuit icon in taskbar / system tray displays a red dot i.e.,. This requires you to have the setting Use small icons (on Windows 7) or Use small taskbar buttons (on Windows 8 or later) un-ticked (default).

    Hovering over the Circuit icon in the system tray shows the number of unread messages.

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