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How do I configure my audio devices for best results?

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All sounds that come from Circuit by default go through the audio device as configured on your computer.

  1. To configure the default audio device on your Windows system, do the following:
    1. Right-click the speaker icon in the system tray and click Playback devices.
    2. Go to the Playback tab. The selected Default Device has the green checkmark.
    3. If the device isn’t already set as the default device, select it and then click Set Default.
  2. In Circuit you can set the audio device you want to use for voice communication (e.g., your headset) and a possibly separate audio device you want to ring when you get a call (e.g., speakers).
    1. On the web client or Desktop App, click your user name and then click Settings > Audio/Video.
    2. Under Audio output area, choose the device you want to use for audio calls in Circuit (e.g., your headset).
    3. Under Ringing output area, choose the device you want to play back ring tones from Circuit (e.g., your speakers).

    You can also change the recording and video device used by Circuit. Just navigate to Settings > Audio/Video and choose a different camera or microphone than the one configured on your computer.


    You can quickly check and change your audio output, microphone and camera device by clicking on the at the top of your Circuit application. You have to click Save for the changes to take effect. You can also be redirected to Settings > Audio/Video by clicking on More Options.

  3. You can test out your audio and video settings in Circuit before making that important call. For details please refer to Testing my camera and microphone.

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