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You can add a title to a topic in order to give participants an idea of what the topic is about. To add a title to new topic: Start a new topic. On the mobile clients, tap . In the Topic title... More >
To insert a line break in a message: On the web client and Desktop App, press Enter or Shift+Enter if you are writing the message in rich-text mode. Otherwise, press Shift+Enter. On the mobile... More >
Yes. Click or tap Flagged Messages in the conversation selector. Hover over the flagged message, and then click Show in conversation. You are taken to the location in the conversation where the... More >
Whenever someone mentions you, i.e. posts a message that contains @your_username, you will be notified via the Notification panel. This panel is located on the right side, just below your name.... More >
You can use the rich-text editor to apply special formatting to your message, including bold, italics, highlighting, bulleted lists, and numbered lists. The rich text editor is by default available... More >
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