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The Meetings panel displays and notifies you for your scheduled meetings for today. Prerequisites: On the web client and Desktop App you have to configure the Microsoft Exchange connector. On the... More >
On the web client, Desktop App and iOS mobile client, you can find the URL of a particular message via the timestamp link below the post. To copy the URL of the message, right click or tap on the... More >
You can share files, photos and links with your teammates in Circuit from other applications on your mobile device that allows content sharing. Circuit appears as an option in the system-wide share... More >
You can share files from your existing Syncplicity account with other Circuit users. The files would be accessible to the current members of a conversation via their shared link which expires after... More >
You can add an attachment to a message with the following ways: Attach a file to a message you are already creating or editing in Circuit. Share to Circuit a file from another application on your... More >
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