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Video calls

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In Circuit, conferences are started from group conversations or Conference Bridge. Depending whether you want to add someone just to an ongoing conference call or to the conversation and the call,... More >
All participants in a conference call can share their video in Circuit. However, to provide optimum performance, reduce bandwidth, and make best use of screen real estate, Circuit tailors the... More >
You can start a screen share during an active voice or video call as follows: On the web client and Desktop App, click in the call action bar. On the Android mobile client, tap the ellipsis (…)... More >
You can start video calls with one or more participants, in 1-to-1, group conversations or Conference Bridge. With Circuit, you can: Start video calls with one or multiple participants Join video... More >
Prerequisites: Circuit conversations use video connections both for video and screen sharing. Bad video and screen sharing can result in pixilation, which if bad enough makes the video impossible... More >
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