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When there is an update of the Circuit web client and: You are not signed in to the web client, the update will happen automatically. You are signed in at the time of the update. The green square... More >
No, the Circuit user interface is currently not customizable. This may be available in a future release. More >
There is only one officially supported Chrome Extension, which is used for the screen share. This extension is normally installed the first time you try to share your screen. There are other,... More >
You can temporarily snooze (turn off) all your desktop and audio notifications for a specific period of time so that you can focus on the task at hand. You can resume notifications at any time. To... More >
To add or change your profile picture, proceed as follows: On the iOS mobile client: Tap , then tap the topmost area containing your picture, name, status and location information. Tap Edit, then... More >
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