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Your Circuit password is part of your user profile stored in the Settings menu. Your user profile contains all your personal information and is used to identify you to other Circuit users. You can... More >
Circuit Labs allow you to try out new, experimental features that are considered to be released in the future. To turn on a feature in Circuit Labs perform the following: On the web client,... More >
You can configure your profile at any time to change your picture, user name, email address, phone number, company name, and job position. On the iOS mobile client: Tap , then tap the topmost area... More >
You can view terms and conditions at any time from within the Circuit application. To view the terms and conditions, do the following: On the web client, click your user name, and then click the... More >
You can show your location (city and region) to other Circuit users or choose not to display this information for privacy reasons. Tap on iOS or the top-left side navigation drawer on Android and... More >
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