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A Conference Bridge provides an easy way to start or schedule a conference call, with video or screen share session. Once it is create, Conference Bridge looks the same as any other conversation.... More >
When you add a participant to a 1-to-1 conversation, a new group conversation is started. This ensures that your original conversation remains private and cannot be viewed by anyone else. Select... More >
A group conversation is a conversation between three or more participants. You can start a group conversation by adding more people to your existing 1-to-1 conversation. In a group conversation you... More >
You can remove a participant who is no longer active in your group conversation or Conference Bridge. When you remove a participant, they can still see the conversation history up until the point... More >
When you add a participant to a group conversation or Conference Bridge they can view the entire conversation history. Select the group conversation or Conference Bridge to which you want to add a... More >
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