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No. The Communities are designed for a broadcast style of communication where you usually ask whole community to discuss different topics and give ideas. To have the real-time audio and video... More >
When you open Circuit, the conversations selector by default lists all conversations you are actively participating in and you are receiving notifications on. You can change this view of listed... More >
You can set up your own labels to organize your conversations. To create a new label: On the iOS mobile client Navigate to the Labels view. Tap to the upper-right corner of the Labels view. Enter a... More >
You can organize your conversations using labels so that you can group and find them easily. Labels work like folders, but you can add more than one label to a conversation. To view your... More >
You can easily share links to files from your existing OneDrive account with other Circuit users. The link to your OneDrive account is always kept up to date to reflect the latest version of the... More >
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