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If you send an invitation to the wrong email address, you can change the email address of the user. Only administrators can change the email address of a user. On the web client, click your user... More >
You can resend an invitation to a user if they have not yet signed up or the link in the original email is no longer valid. Only administrators can resend an invitation. On the web client, click... More >
No. Other users in your company are not automatically added when you create a Circuit domain. You must invite the other users in your company to join. More >
You can reinstate a user who has been suspended from the Circuit domain. Only administrators can reinstate users. On the web client, click your user name, and then click Administration. Click the... More >
The link in the confirmation email that you receive when you sign up for Circuit expires after a few hours for security reasons. If this occurs, please sign up again. More >
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