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The guest access feature allows you to invite someone to join an existing conference as a guest user so that they can participate in a voice, video or screen sharing session. For example, you might... More >
No, you cannot delete a 1-to-1 or group conversation, Conference Bridge or Community. These are all shared collaborative spaces where you and other people meet, chat, exchange ideas, and share... More >
Try clearing your Google Chrome browser cache and try again. If you receive a message indicating that your password might be incorrect or you forgot your password, then reset your password and try... More >
In order to integrate your Microsoft Outlook (version 2007 or higher) with Circuit, a new application, called Circuit for Outlook, is available. This application can only be installed on Windows... More >
Online support is available on the Circuit website It includes: Support forum Online Help information and FAQ Instructional troubleshooting videos (in English only). Service requests If you have... More >
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