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Circuit provides a far more efficient and effective way to collaborate over using a multitude of disparate tools. See how ...


It all begins with a conversation - a searchable thread of the texts, files and calls you share with people, teams, or everyone in your company. Bring your teams together, organize your projects and get things done.

Making Calls

Face-to-face meetings are a luxury these days. But Circuit’s high quality voice and HD video make meetings just as natural.

Screen Sharing

Get everyone on the same page – literally. Share a document or do a demo using our easy screen sharing tool.

Moving Calls

Not tied to your desk chair 24/7? No problem! Swipe the call from your PC to your phone without missing a beat. All the features still work so you can collaborate on the go.


Need some uninterrupted work time? Simply snooze your notifications so you can focus on what’s important.


With all the information held in your conversation threads, finding things needs to be easy – and it is.

Meet the Circuit Team

Find out how Circuit challenges our traditional notions of how we work through the power of webRTC and open standards.


Need to share files? Enjoy easy one-step access to files of any size from your PC or from the cloud.

Calling Outside

Need to reach people outside of Circuit? Simply type in their phone number. Circuit will direct your call via your SIP voice platform.

Guest Access

Invite your customers to join you as a guest for a more engaging collaboration experience, when being onsite isn’t possible.

The Circuit environment

Mobility is Fundamental

The test of any collaboration app is how it performs for mobile workers.
An internet connection with browser is all you need to access Circuit. Or simply use your iOS or Android device.
  Need to move in the middle of a meeting? Simply swipe the call from one device to another. Everything’s easy and everything’s secure.
It’s simply a faster, easier way to connect, collaborate and share information when you’re on the run.

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No Silos!

Circuit plays well with others – so it’s easy for you to work in one app, while IT planners can flexibly meet the businesses needs without creating islands. In Circuit, you can:

  • Make and receive PBX calls from your Circuit client
  • Access your personal or company Exchange contacts
  • Share documents stored in apps like
  • Link your Outlook meetings and emails to Circuit conversations

Create your own plug & play extensions with all kinds of business, document, and messaging solutions. Circuit APIs are available to all independent software vendors, developers and system integrators on free sandbox tenants at

Security in the Circuit Cloud

At Unify, we understand how important the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data is to you, and we’ve diligently built security measures into our processes, data centers, and applications.
So, we deployed a security management framework according to ISO27001, and all your conversations with other Circuit users are encrypted and secure.
Multiple layers of security protect access to Circuit. This includes firewalls, complemented by built-in security to the Circuit application which protects information, and restricts access to intruders.

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Why WebRTC

WebRTC has the potential to convert any device with a web browser into a sophisticated communications device, and that’s what we’ve done with Circuit.
Circuit uses WebRTC to provide a quality HD video, screen sharing and voice experience from the browser. That means you can work from a single communications app and enjoy more functionality from a single browser screen.
Through the use of a web encrypted tunnel, and armed with the security benefits of Transport Layer Security, WebRTC can reduce the security risks of a BYOD strategy and offer a secure communication environment.

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Unify's latest innovation, Circuit doesn't disappoint. We're excited using it and we're already seeing an improvement in the way our teams communicate and collaborate

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