Setting the ring time before a phone call is routed to alternative number (web client and Desktop App)

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The Advanced Telephony Connector allows making outgoing phone calls and receiving incoming phone calls via the Circuit application using your work phone number.

When you have set your incoming calls to go through the default routing sequence and you have set an alternative number, you can further set how long your Circuit clients and desk phone should ring before a phone call is routed to alternative number.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Telephony.
  2. Locate the Incoming call routing section.
  3. Select the drop down arrow below the Default routing option and choose the ring time that best suits your needs.



This feature is currently available when the Advanced Telephony Connector works with the Unify PBX OpenScape Voice, version V9R2.24.5 or above. In any other case, the option to set the ring time is not shown.

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