Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows in Circuit

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You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate in Circuit and have direct access to all main Circuit functions.

You need first to enable keyboard shortcuts before you can use them. Click your user name, go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on the option Keyboard shortcuts. Once enabled, you can view the list with the basic keyboard shortcuts in Circuit, by clicking on your name and then Keyboard shortcuts.

The following list describes all the available keyboard shortcuts in Circuit:

Description Shortcut
Show keyboard shortcuts Alt + K
New conversation Alt + O
New conference bridge Alt + P
New phone call Alt + U
Open search Ctrl + Shift + F
Open settings Alt + I
Close/Remove focus Esc
Navigate through the main Circuit areas Shift + Alt +T
Open notifications Ctrl + Shift + 1
Open conversations Ctrl + Shift + 2
Open favorites Ctrl + Shift + 3
Open meetings Ctrl + Shift + 4
Open flagged messages Ctrl + Shift + 5
Open archived conversations Ctrl + Shift + 6
Open communities Ctrl + Shift + 7
Open Spaces Ctrl + Shift + 8
Previous list item Up arrow key
Next list item Down arrow key
Previous tab Shift + Tab
Next tab Tab
Set all notifications as read Shift + Alt + R
New topic Crtl + Alt + T
Archive conversation Ctrl +Alt +A
Post topic Ctrl + Enter
Start new line Shift + Enter
Bold (when rich-text editor is enabled) Ctrl + B
Italic (when rich-text editor is enabled) Crtl + I
Underline (when rich-text editor is enabled) Crtl + U
Answer incoming call Ctrl + Alt + 1
Decline incoming call Ctrl + Alt + 2
Start audio call Ctrl + Alt + 3
Start video call Ctrl + Alt + 4
Start/Stop video in an active call Ctrl + Alt + 6
Start/Stop screen share in an active call Ctrl + Alt + 7
Stop remote control Ctrl + Alt + 8
Hotkey dialing (only in Desktop App) Ctrl + F2
Mute/Unmute audio Ctrl + M
Mute all participants Ctrl + Alt + 9
Stop/Leave call Ctrl + Alt + 0
Toggle full active call screen Alt + Enter
Switch to mini view/ Switch to normal view Alt + M
Show call in a separate window/ Move call window back to main Circuit application Alt + C
Open log file management Alt + Ctrl + Shift + L
Report Issue on the selected conversation Alt + Ctrl + Shift + R

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