Installing the Provisioning Agent to run as a service in Windows

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The Provisioning Agent can run as a Windows Service. You can run the standard windows service handling commands via command line and arguments.


The standard Windows service handling commands are available:

  • Install: install the Provisioning Agent service in Windows Service Controller.

  • Uninstall: uninstall the Provisioning Agent service form Windows Service Controller

  • Start: start the Provisioning Agent service. The Provisioning Agent must already be installed.

  • Stop: stop the Provisioning Agent service.

  • Restart: restart the Provisioning Agent service. If the Provisioning Agent is not currently running, this command acts like the start command.

  • Status: check the current status of the Provisioning Agent service. This command prints one line on the console.

    • NonExistent: indicates that the Provisioning Agent service is not currently installed.

    • Started: indicates that the Provisioning Agent service is currently running.

    • Stopped: indicates that the Provisioning Agent service is installed but does not currently run.

Run the Provisioning Agent to a Window machine that resides within your network. If your network requires a proxy to interface with public cloud, ensure that you configure the details of your proxy under thte Settings tab of the Provisioning Agent.

Upon download of the Provisioning Agent, a secure connection is automaticaly established with your Circuit domain. For security reasons, a new download of the Provisioning Agent invalidates the previous connection and establishes a new one. Ensure that you operate using the latest downloaded version.

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