Performing a search in Spaces

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You can search through all the Spaces to find the information that you need, including files, specific words and tags that are referenced in a Space.

  1. Click the Spaces icon .
  2. In the Search box located on the top of the Space selector, type the word or words that you want to find. When performing a search consider the following:
    • The more letters you type in the search field, the more accurate your search results will be.

    • Search terms are case insensitive and wildcard letters cannot be used. The search term is always compared with the beginning of a word.

    For example, if you type the word "and", all words that start with those letters will be returned, such as "Andrew" or "Andromeda", but no words that contain "and" in the middle like "grand" or "stand".

    Spaces that contain the search term are displayed in the Spaces selector.

  3. To refine your search, filter options are appearing as search scopes below the search input field. Apply filters to the search term by selecting one of the following filter options:
    • Spaces: Select this option to only search within Space titles.

    • Topic by: Select this option to only search for messages posted by certain people.

    • Files: Search for a file name and content within the file.

    • Tags: Select this option to search for Spaces and messages with this tag assigned.

    • Labels: when the search term matches any of the labels you have set up, those labels are listed under the Labels scope option. Select a label from the list to search for Spaces with the particular label.

  4. With a selected filter option for the first search term, you can enter another search term with filter options to find within the results of the first search.

    After the selection of a scope option, you can change the option by clicking on the icon to the right of the search entry.

    A narrowed search definition can be deleted by selecting the option and pressing the delete key on the keyboard.

  5. To delete the search term and cancel the search, click the X in the search field.

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