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Can I delete a conversation?

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No, you cannot delete a 1-to-1 or group conversation, Conference Bridge or Community. These are all shared collaborative spaces where you and other people meet, chat, exchange ideas, and share information. Deleting a conversation would take away the collaborative space not only from you but from every other participant as well, and this is not allowed by design. However, you can edit or delete messages you posted within a conversation.

We understand that some conversations might not be so important to you. For this reason, you can archive a conversation in order to hide it from the active conversation list. Archived conversations are separated from your other conversations and displayed in a different view (Archived). You can still be a member of those conversations and you can participate in at any time.

If you no longer want to participate in a group conversation, Conference Bridge or Community, you can leave them.

When you leave a group conversation or Conference Bridge, the conversation is automatically archived so that you can still see the conversation history up until the point that you left. However, you can no longer view any updates to the conversation nor you can access all the conversation details in the conversation information pane, such as the pinned topics and conference details. To rejoin a group conversation or Conference Bridge you must be added by another participant of that conversation. The conversation will be, then, automatically unarchived.

When you leave a Community, it will be removed from your conversation list. However, like all Communities, you can still search for it and browse its contents if you want to. If you want to participate in the Community again, simply rejoin it by choosing the Community and, then, clicking Participate in this Community.

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