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During a conference, the Circuit Meeting Room display can show the videos or images of up to four participants plus the video of the local conference room allowing for an improved and more engaging conference experience. It can also show any screen, application or whiteboard shared during the conference. The way participant videos / images, screen share or whiteboard are arranged on the Circuit Meeting Rooms display(s) is defined by a display layout.

There are three generic display layouts:

  • Large (default): The active speaker / screen share / whiteboard appears larger on the display.

  • Split: The active and most recent other speakers all appear equal size on the display.

  • Focus: Only the active speaker / screen share / whiteboard appears on the display.

The specific layouts applied depend on the number of conference participants, whether screen share or whiteboard is in progress during the conference as well as whether the Circuit Meeting Room is configured with a single or dual display.

All available display layouts are illustrated in the following diagrams. The table below summarizes the different icons used in the diagrams.

Participant: Video or image of the active speaker or most recent previous speaker.

Circuit Meeting Room: Video of the local conference room as captured by the Circuit Meeting Room’s camera or avatar image of the Circuit Meeting Room.


This icon is only used when needing to specifically refer to the Circuit Meeting Room

Screen share

When a Circuit Meeting Room is added to a conference, the default generic layout used is Large. The person who added the Circuit Meeting Room to the conference (invitee) can change its display layout to Split or Focus as described in: Changing the display layout for a Circuit Meeting Room.

Single display configuration - Large (default)

Single display configuration - Split


Single display configuration - Focus

When screen share or whiteboard is in progress, the active speaker is shown as an overlay in the bottom-corner of the display. The overlay is timed so as to not permanently hide any details of the screen share or whiteboard.

Dual display configuration - Large (default)

Dual display configuration - Split

With screen share or whiteboard, Display 1 works like a single screen with only participants (videos or images).

Dual display configuration - Focus



The person who added the Circuit Meeting Room to the conference (invitee) is presented as any other participant.

When there are more participants in the conference than those appearing on Circuit Meeting Room display(s), only the active speaker and the most recent previous speakers are shown on display.

The current active speaker is highlighted in green if more than one participant is shown on display in split view or when screen share or whiteboard is shown in large view (single display).

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