Switching between whiteboard, screen share and video during a call

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While on a call, you can easily switch between a whiteboard, a screen share or a video stream that have been added to the call.

  1. On the Circuit web client and Desktop App, whiteboard, screen share and videos can be displayed at the same time in the call stage. Clicking on any of these items, will bring the selected item into focus which means that only this item will be displayed. The other items will be displayed as icons in the share ribbon.
    1. To focus on an different item, click its icon on the ribbon.
      • For the screenshare, click . The avatar of the person's screen appears on the bottom right corner of the icon.
      • For the whiteboard, click .
      • For a user's video, click on the respective icon, for example
    2. To exit the focus view and view up to 4 items equally sized again, click .
  2. On the mobile clients, whiteboard and screen share / video cannot be both displayed at the same time. While you are viewing any of them, you can switch to the other by taping the button located at the top of the call view. Depending on what you are currently viewing, the button is used to:
    • Show whiteboard

    • Show screen share

    • Show video

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