Adding, editing or removing a whiteboard during a conference in a group conversation (web client and Desktop App)

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During an conference, any call participant can add, edit or remove a whiteboard at any time via their Circuit web client or Desktop App.

Guests can view and edit, but not add or remove a whiteboard.

  1. To add a whiteboard to the active call, click the Add to conference icon on the call action bar and then select Add whiteboard.

    The whiteboard is added to the active call and displayed on the call stage. It is in edit mode, with the whiteboard tools displayed to the left of the whiteboard and available to you to edit it.

    Also the whiteboard button appears in the share ribbon at the bottom of the call stage.

  2. To start editing, click on a whiteboard tool when the whiteboard is in edit mode. If no tool is visible, click on the whiteboard itself or on the whiteboard icon in the share robbon to bring the whiteboard in edit mode.

    When the whiteboard is in edit mode, it is put into focus, where only the whiteboard and whiteboard tools are displayed in the call stage.


    The whiteboard can enter edit mode, if you are viewing the call stage in normal or full screen view.

  3. Use the following tools to edit the whiteboard:
    1. Select: select and move objects that you have added
    2. Pencil: create a free draw
    3. Arrow: create arrows
    4. Line: create straight lines
    5. Rectangle: create rectangles
    6. Ellipse: create ellipse
    7. Text: type text
    8. Image: insert image
    9. Undo: undo your last action
    10. Other options > Set background: insert background image
    11. Other options > Clear whiteboard: clear the content that has been added to the whiteboard.

    When you select the Pencil, Arrow, Line, Rectangle, Ellipse or Text tool you can subsequently select a color for the object you are about to add from a list of available colors.

    All changes you make on the whiteboard are shown to all call participants alongside your name.
  4. To put the whiteboard in view-only mode and return from the focus view:
    1. If you are viewing the call stage in mini or full screen view, switch to normal view.
    2. Click below the whiteboard.
  5. To remove the whiteboard from the conference:
    1. Click on the Add to conference icon on the call action bar and select Remove whiteboard.
    2. On the pop-up window that opens, click Yes to confirm that you really want to remove the whiteboard from the call.
  6. In case there is an active whiteboard when the conference is ended and all the participants leave the call, the whiteboard is saved automatically. A new post is created in the conversation having the whiteboard attached in png format so that everyone in the conversation can access it.

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