How do I ensure my users can connect to Circuit after the migration to Google Could Platform?(Americas system)

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New IP addresses for Circuit Servers

If your Circuit domain is configured on the Americas system (connect to, take into account the following.

If the IP addresses have been white-listed in proxies or firewalls they have to be updated in the corresponding systems.

Find a list of addresses below:

New Endpoints for Advanced Telephony Connector (ATC) and on premise Universal Telephony Connector (pUTC)

If on premise Telephony Connectors are used, then firewall changes might be required depending on the existing local security concept. Telephony Connectors will connect to the systems stated in New IP addresses for Circuit Server section.

Depending on your configuration is might be required to restart the SBC which hosts the telephony connector in order to restore your telephony functionality. This is necessary if the SBC does not receive the update of the DNS-entry within two hours after the migration as we will update the DNS entry for used by the telephony connectors to communicate with Circuit.

New Endpoints for hosted Universal Telephony Connectors (hUTC)

After the migration to Google Cloud Platform the current Endpoints used to connect your PBX with Circuit hUTC's will remain functional until March 15th.

As a manual decommissioning in the old system is required on our side please contact our Support in order to coordinate the cut-over from the current to the new endpoint. You can contact Support by either Report Issue in Circuit or by phone.

Find a list of current and New IP addresses below:

DNS Current IP New IP

New Endpoints for OpenScape Business Systems

After the migration to the Google Cloud Platform the current Endpoints for OpenScape Business systems will stay in service until March 15th. After this date OpenScape Business systems have to be connected to the new IP addresses. This can be achieved by running the OpenScape Business wizard again to connect to Circuit. By doing so the new IP addresses will be fetched automatically.

Note: If your configuration required changes in your Firewall these will have to be updated.

Find a list of current and New IP addresses below:

Current IP New IP OpenScape Business Loadbalancer OpenScape Business Loadbalancer

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