Reporting an issue

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You can report an issue to the Circuit User Help Desk.

  1. To report an issue directly from Circuit, do the following:
    • On the web client, click your user name and then click Report Issue.

    • On the iOS mobile client, tap and then tap Settings > Report issue.

    • On the Android mobile client, go to the top-left side navigation drawer and tap Report issue.

    A new conversation with a support representative will be created and the diagnostic log files will be automatically attached to that conversation.

    If your domain is administrated and supported by a Circuit partner or reseller, an email with the attached log files will be created.

  2. If you encountered any problems with starting the Circuit mobile client (e.g. no login to Circuit is possible), perform the following steps to collect your log files:
    • On the iOS mobile client, access the log files via iTunes:

      1. Connect your device to the computer and wait for iTunes to start and recognize the device.

      2. From iTunes, click on the device name to navigate to the device screen.

      3. Go to the toolbar and click Apps.

      4. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, where the File Sharing section is.

      5. Search for Circuit and then click on it.

      6. On the right pane called Documents, locate the folders Logs and CRLogs.

      7. Click Save to... to store the logs locally on your computer.

    • On the Android mobile client, go to the Circuit login page and perform a long press on the round Circuit logo.

      1. You phone will vibrate and a pop-up displaying the location of your log files will briefly appear at the bottom of your screen.

      2. Use File manager or similar Android application (vendors provide different applications for managing files, such as File Explorer, Downloads, etc.) to access the log files stored in one of the following locations:

        - internal_storage/Circuit

        - external_storage/Circuit

      3. Send the log files directly from your mobile phone (via the mail client) or download them first to your computer (e.g. via the USB cable) and then send. The mail address where the logs will be sent must be provided by the Circuit User Help Desk

  3. Provide a short description of your issue and then click or tap Send.

    When describing the issue, please indicate:

    1. The approximate time the problem happened

    2. How often it occurs

    3. What you were doing when the issue occurred

    4. Attach any screenshots that might help troubleshoot the issue.

    Please find below two examples of problem description:

    Good example

    At 13:23 the user Alice starts a new conversation with the user Bob. Alice sends the message “Testing” to Bob, but Bob can't see it.”

    Bad example

    “A user starts a conversation with another user, but the other user cannot see it.”

Diagnostic log files will be automatically attached to the conversation.


For issues related to the User Interface, please attach a screenshot to your report.

For issues related to Circuit for Outlook, please refer to Reporting an issue related to Circuit for Outlook.

For issues related to Circuit for Outlook, please refer to Reporting an issue related to Circuit Meeting Room.

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