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The Meetings selector displays and notifies you for your scheduled meetings for today. Meetings selector is located in the pane on the left of the Circuit application.

  • On the web client and Desktop App you have to configure the Microsoft Exchange or Google account.

  • On the mobile clients you have to give permission on Circuit to have access to the calendar of the device.

  • Meetings will be displayed in the Meetings panel of Circuit, if they contain a link to a Circuit conversation within the subject or the body of the meeting.

To access the Meetings selector:
  1. On the web client, Desktop App, click meetings icon, in the pane on the left of the Circuit application
  2. On the iOS mobile client, tap meetings icon, in the bottom of the Circuit application.
  3. On the Android mobile client, tap , is located in the bottom of the Circuit application

A countdown appears on the meeting item 15 minutes before the staring time of the meeting and a green dot appears on the Meetings icon. The countdown is switched to Now, when the meeting is planned to start.

By clicking or tapping the meeting item, the user is directed to the corresponding conversation. If the user is not a member of the linked conversation then the meeting is flagged as Guest and the user joins the meeting using the guest link.

Note: Meetings notification feature is currently only available with the Chrome browser web client. It will be available for the other supported browsers in the future.

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