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You can share files, photos and links with your teammates in Circuit from other applications on your mobile device that allows content sharing. Circuit appears as an option in the system-wide share menu of your iOS or Android device. This makes it possible for you to share content from any application that uses the native share menu to Circuit.


Signed in to Circuit mobile client

Allow Circuit to have access to your device data.

  1. Open an application on your device that has uses the native share menu.

    For example, Photos on iOS and Gallery on Android.

  2. Select the file, photo or go to the URL that you want to share and tap the share button.
  3. Enable Unify Circuit on your iOS, in case it is not include in the share menu:
    1. Swipe left in the share menu and tap More.
    2. Tap the toggle switch next to Unify Circuit.
    3. Optional you can move Unify Circuit to the top of the list.
    4. Tap Done.
  4. To share the selected content:

    On your iOS device:

    1. Tap Unify Circuit.

      A preview of the shared content is displayed.

    2. Type your message.
    3. Tap Share.
    4. Select a conversation to send the shared content along with your message to.
    5. Tap .

    On your Android device:

    1. Tap Share to Circuit.
    2. Select a conversation to send the shared content to.
    3. Type your message.
    4. Tap .

    The message with the shared content is sent to Circuit, starting a new topic in the selected convertation.

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