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Adding an attachment to a message (mobile client)

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You can add an attachment to a message with the following ways:

  • Attach a file to a message you are already creating or editing in Circuit.

  • Share to Circuit a file from another application on your device that allows content sharing (like Photos on iOS or Gallery on Android). For more information you may refer to Share to Circuit from your mobile device.

A message can have a maximum of 10 attachments.

To attach a file to a message you are already creating or editing in Circuit:

  1. Create a new message or edit an existing message.
  2. Tap the paper clip icon below the message box.
  3. Select the file that you want to attach:
    • On the iOS mobile client:

      • Tap Camera to use your device's camera to take a new photo or video camera shot. When you are satisfied with the shot, tap Use Photo or Use Video.

      • Tap Photo & Video Library to pick a photo or video from your device's library. When you finish selecting files, tap Done.

      • Tap Document to pick a document from iCloud Drive or other apps such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

      When you are attaching a photo, choose one of the following options regarding the photo’s resolution: Original, Large, Medium or Small.

    • On the Android mobile client, browse for and select the file from your local device that you want to attach.

    A preview of the attachment(s) is displayed.

  4. To remove an attachment before sending the message, tap the attachment and then tap in the upper-left (iOS) or in the upper-right (Android) corner of the attachment.
  5. To send the message with the attachment(s) to the conversation:
    • On the iOS mobile client, tap .

      When a Bluetooth keyboard is attached to your device you can alternatively press Enter on your keyboard.

    • On the Android mobile client, tap .

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