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Make a call using Mobile Breakout

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Mobile Breakout allows you to make voice calls from the Circuit web client or Desktop App directly through your mobile device. This is useful if you do not have a desk phone and you use your mobile device for phone calls.

  • You must have the Enterprise license package.

  • You must have the Circuit app installed and running on your mobile and device and be able to make GSM calls.

  • You must sign in on both: a) the web client or Desktop App, and b) the mobile app.

  • No telephony connector is configured for you.
You can make calls from Circuit using Mobile Breakout in any of the following ways:
  • Click on a Phone number in a user's profile.
  • Click on any of the Dial-in Numbers in the Conference details of a group conversation, if you do not want to join from the Circuit client.
  • If you have configured the Exchange connector, search for people in your Microsoft Exchange contacts and click on a phone number in the contact details.
  • If you have the Circuit for Outlook installed, click on a phone number in an Outlook Contact Card.
You will get a push notification on your mobile device, giving you the option to call the number from your mobile or cancel.
Note: Starting from iOS 13, the type of push notifications sent to your device has changed to comply with the latest Apple Push Notification Services guidelines. Instead of VoIP push notifications, we now use standard push notifications to signal to the device that you want to make a call using it. Standard push notifications are, however, not guaranteed to be delivered on time or at all.
Note: If a telephony connector is configured for you, Mobile Breakout is not available and the call is completed through the telephony connector.

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