Making and receiving calls on Circuit using CallKit on your iPhone

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With iOS 10, Apple introduced CallKit which allows integration into the native device calling features. This allows Circuit to provide an even better calling experience to iPhone users.

When you are not in Circuit or your device is locked, incoming Circuit calls are shown up on your device just like standard cellular calls. When a Circuit call comes in, the iPhone standard call screen appears. You can answer the call using the standard call controls, without needing to unlock your device. If you want to go to the Circuit client from the call screen, click on the Circuit icon and then you will be asked to unlock your phone.

If you leave the Circuit App while you are on a Circuit call, you can tap the active call banner to return to it just like standard cellular phone calls.

You are now, also, given more control over what to do if you receive a Circuit call while already on a cellular call or vice versa.

  • If you are on a cellular call and you receive an incoming Circuit call, you are given the choice to decline the 2nd call, answer it and end the cellular call, or answer it and put the cellular call on hold.

  • If you are on a Circuit call and you receive an incoming cellular call, you are given the choice to decline the 2nd call or answer it and end the Circuit call.

Every call you make using Circuit on your iPhone is shown in the phones call log. This allows you to have a complete history of the calls you make and redial a person or conference bridge directly from the phones call history.

Note: If Do Not Disturb (DND) is turned on in iOS settings, incoming Circuit calls will follow the native DND settings, just like standard cellular phone calls, and they will not be shown up on your device. The DND setting will not affect your presence status in Circuit.
Note: CallKit functionality is deactivated in China due to government regulations. Circuit is not offered in China but several large companies with employees in China are using Circuit to enhance collaboration and productivity. This implies that Circuit can no longer use high priority VoIP notifications for incoming calls in China. Calling will still work but the delivery of notifications for an incoming call may be less reliable.

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