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Circuit calls overview

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You can initiate and accept voice calls with one or more participants, in direct, group conversations or Conference Bridge.

With Circuit, you can:

  • Start voice calls with one or multiple participants

  • Join voice calls with one or multiple participants

  • Start ad-hoc or scheduled conference calls with voice, video, file sharing and instant messaging

  • Be informed about the status and progress of calls

  • Be informed about the presence status of participants

  • Add more people to a voice call

  • Transfer/move calls to other devices or other destinations

  • Pull calls coming in on other devices to your preferred device

  • Perform standard telephony actions like Call Hold, Resume, Reconnect, Forward and Pick up

  • Place secure calls

The Call Stage gives you a visual overview of the calla and participants, when you are engaged in an active or incoming voice call or group voice call.

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