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Joining a conference from invitation email

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Circuit users may send you an invitation email to join a conference, so that you can participate in a voice, video or screen sharing session. It is enough just to click on the link in the invitation email and join the conference at the specified time.

  • In order to join a conference from your mobile device, you must install first the mobile client.

  1. To join a conference, open the invitation email containing the conference details and:

    On the web client choose one of the following options:

    1. Copy the conference link to your browser.

      In case your default browser is not supported, you have to copy and paste the conference link (URL) into one of the supported browsers.

    2. Click the conference link. The link will open in your default browser.

    On the Desktop App:

    1. Click the conference link for Desktop App.

    On the mobile clients:

    1. Tap the conference link.
  2. If you are logged on to Circuit and you are also a member of the conversation that contains the conference you want to join, the link (URL) will take you directly to that conversation.

    If you are not logged on to Circuit or you are not a member of the conversation that contains the conference you want to join, you will be asked to join that conference as a guest. For more information, see "Joining a conference using the guest link".

  3. If you want to participate in a voice only conference or you do not have a data connection, you can use the dial-in numbers by dialing in the number of your country and then enter the PIN.

When you join the conference, your microphone is automatically muted. You need to unmute it when you want to talk.

In order to rejoin an active conference that you have left, do the following:

  • If you are a participant of the conversation, on the web client and Desktop App click Join Conference or, on the mobile client, swipe again when prompted.

  • In case you are using the guest link, click Rejoin.

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