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Is it possible to maximize your video during a call? (Mobile client)

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While you are on a Circuit video call on your mobile device, a preview of your own video appears at the bottom of the call screen. Any time you want during the call, you can maximize your own video, and have it displayed larger on the screen.

This is particularly useful when you want to ask other participants for remote support as you can use your device to point to the problem and make your problem description even more accurate. If your device has both a front and a back camera, you can switch to the back camera, point directly to the problem and check on your screen to make sure that other participants have a clear view of it.

  1. To maximize your video during a call, tap the preview of your personal video which is found in the bottom-left of your screen.
  2. To minimize your video again and bring it to the bottom of the Circuit application as it was before, tap Return to default view, on the top of your screen.

    Your video will minimize again and its preview will be found in the bottom-left of your screen.

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