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Starting a group video call

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  1. Select the conversation with the contacts you are looking for, or search for it by entering a name into the Search field. If you have not started a conversation with the contacts you want to have a video call with, follow the steps as described in Starting a group conversation.
  2. In the group conversation header, click or tap .

    The group video call (video conference) session starts and is made available for joining, and all participants will hear a notification sound.

    On the participant’s client, the message Conference in progress will be displayed under the conversation title in the conversation selector.


    If you are the initiator of the video conference and no others have joined yet or if you are the only participant left on the conference, the message The conference is now available for all participants to join will be displayed until the next participant joins.

    Your microphone is automatically muted. You need to unmute it when you want to talk.

  3. If you want to dial out the people rather than wait for them to join:
    1. with 10 or less invited participants, click or tap Ring all
    2. in a larger conference (more than 10 participants), the button Ring all will not be displayed, since dialing everyone out can cause a lot of annoyance.

      If there are specific persons that you are waiting to join a conference, you can also ring out those individuals when using the Circuit web client or Desktop App. To do this, go to the Details tab of a Conversation, hover over the name of the participant you want to ring out, and then click Ring.

  4. If other participants join, the message Active conference is displayed under the conversation title in the conversation selector, their avatar is shown on the call stage and a notification sound is played.
  5. To leave an active conference:
    • On the iOS mobile client, tap .

    • On any other client, click or tap Leave.

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