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How can I upload a file for voicemail greeting?

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To upload a file for your personal voicemail greeting perform the following steps.

  1. On the web client and Desktop App navigate to Settings > Voicemail.
  2. Click on Set your personal greeting in the Voicemail greeting area.

    Once you add a personal voicemail greeting the option Set your personal greeting will change to Edit your personal greeting.

  3. Click on Upload file for your voicemail greeting on the personal voicemail greeting window.

    Once you upload a file the option Upload file for your voicemail greeting will change to Upload new file.

  4. Select the file that you want to upload and click on Save.

The following restriction apply regarding the file:

  • The supported file formats are mp3, mp4, m4a and wav.

  • The file size must be up to 3 MB.

  • The duration of the recording must be up to 30 seconds.

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