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Creating a zap between Circuit and another app on Zapier – Getting started

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The Zapier integration must be enabled for your domain by your Circuit domain administrator and you need to have a Zapier account.


The Circuit domain administrator has to enable the feature through the Manage Application > Apps tab.

  1. Navigate to zapier.com and sign in to your Zapier account.
  2. Click Make a zap.
  3. Select Circuit as a trigger, if you want to start a workflow based on something taking place in Circuit, or as an action, if you want to send content from another app to Circuit, and then connect to Circuit with your account credentials.
  4. When prompted, click Allow access to allow access to your Circuit account to Zapier.

Every action performed in Circuit by your Zaps will be performed on your behalf.


If you are getting a connection error, please check with your domain administrator whether this integration is enabled in your domain.

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