How do I allow Circuit to use my microphone and camera on Chrome?

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The first time you attempt to use Circuit in Chrome, you will be asked to allow Circuit to use your microphone and camera.

  1. In the prompt that appears click Allow to allow Circuit to access your microphone and camera.

    Circuit will be allowed to use those devices.

  2. If you accidentally clicked Block (in the prompt that appeared), your Circuit communication that involves microphone and camera will not work.

    To edit your microphone and camera permissions and allow Circuit to access these devices again, perform one of the following actions:

    1. When your communication in Circuit requires microphone or camera, a video camera icon will be displayed at the end of your browser's address bar.
      Click the camera icon and then, in the pop-up window:
      1. choose the option Always allow to access your microphone (i.e. Always allow to access your camera).

      2. check the devices being used for your microphone and camera to ensure that Circuit works correctly.

    2. Fix you microphone and camera permissions in Chrome, by removing Circuit from the blocked lists.
      You can do this by navigating to Chrome menu > Settings > Show advanced settings... > Privacy > Content settings... and then under Microphone (or Camera) section:
      1. choose Ask when a site requires access to your microphone (recommended) (i.e. Ask when a site requires access to your camera (recommended))

      2. click Manage exception.

        Look for on the list under Hostname pattern and if the Behavior is not Allow, click X to remove it from the list.

      For more information, refer to the Chrome support page.

    Once you have given Circuit permission to access your microphone and camera, the setting is saved and you will not be asked again.

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