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Connecting to your Microsoft Exchange account (web client and Desktop App)

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You can connect to your company's Microsoft Exchange account (either Exchange On Premise or Office 365 Exchange Online) so that you can see upcoming Circuit meetings in your client and use your exchange contacts when making outgoing phone calls.

  1. On the web client and Desktop App, click your user name, and then click Settings.
  2. Click the Extensions tab.
  3. Locate the Microsoft Exchange extension, and then click Connect.
  4. Enter the credentials for your Microsoft Exchange account, and then click Connect.
  5. To edit your connection settings, click Edit connection settings.
  6. You can disconnect from your Microsoft Exchange account at any time by clicking Disconnect.

The following restrictions are related to the connectivity of Circuit Microsoft Exchange extension with your company's Microsoft Exchange Server:

  • If your computer is not on a corporate network and the Exchange Server is not accessible outside of the corporate network, Microsoft Exchange extension will not be able to connect to your company’s Exchange Server.

  • If your computer is not on a corporate network and the Integrated Windows Authentication servers are not accessible outside of the corporate network the Windows Authentication method will fail. In this case you may use the Username and Password authentication method.

  • If the Microsoft Exchange domain is not listed in the browser’s Local intranet or Trusted sites list, the Windows Authentication method may fail.

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