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Notifications keep you informed about the following events that happen within your conversation:

  • New messages

  • New mentions

  • New participant added to conversation

  • Participant joined conversation

  • Participant left/was removed from conversation

  • Conversation was renamed

  • New conversation was started

  • In a call

  • Missed/declined call

  • Call ended

All notifications can be divided into two categories:

  • Desktop notifications

    These notifications are displayed as text on your desktop and signaled with an audio sound. You can permanently turn on or off both text and audio notifications via the Settings menu, or temporarily disable all notifications by activating Snooze notifications via the presence icon in the web client (or, respectively, in the Settings menu, for iOS client and top-left side navigation drawer, for the Android client).

  • Notifications within Circuit

    Whenever someone mentions you, i.e. posts a message that contains @your_username, you will be notified via the Notification panel. From the Notification panel you can navigate to the message where your name has been mentioned or you can mark all mentions as read.

In addition, notifications keep you informed about the following changes in a person's availability status:

  • Your availability status changes from “Do not disturb” to “Online” after the snooze notification time, which you had previously set, expires.

  • The availability status of a person for whom you set an availability notification changes from “On a call”, “Away”, “Offline” or “Do not disturb” to “Online”.

These presence-related notifications are desktop notifications but, unlike others, you cannot snooze them or turn them off via the Settings menu.

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