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Notifications keep you informed about important activity within Circuit. They are divided into the following categories:

  • Notifications within Circuit

    These notifications are received while you are actively using Circuit. Whenever someone mentions you, i.e. posts a message that contains @your_username, you will be notified within Circuit via the Notification panel. From the Notification panel you can navigate to the message where your name has been mentioned or you can mark all mentions as read.

  • Desktop notifications

    These notifications are displayed as text on your desktop and they automatically disappear after a short amount of time. They can keep you informed about:
    • All new messages

    • Direct messages, i.e. messages in 1-to-1 conversations

    • Mentions

    • Favorites, i.e. messages in favorite conversations

    • Incoming calls, video calls and screen sharing calls

    • Changes in a person's availability status, in particular: a) Your availability status changes from "Do not disturb" to "Online" after the snooze notification time, which you had previously set, expires; b) The availability status of a person for whom you set an availability notification changes to "Online".

    Desktop notifications are delivered even when you are not using Circuit.
  • Mobile notifications

    These notifications (also called push notifications) are messages that pop-up on your mobile device. They can keep you informed about the same events that can trigger a desktop notification.

    Mobile notifications do not require Circuit app to always run on your mobile device. You can get notified about events happening within Circuit even if your Circuit app is closed or inactivated. While Circuit app is open and you are active on it, mobile push notifications are kept silent. But when you are busy or on the go, and Circuit app is closed or inactivated, you will be notified about new messages or events that are important to you.


    Once signed out of Circuit on your mobile device, you will no longer receive mobile notifications from Circuit on this device.


    The first time push notifications run on iOS, your Circuit client will ask you to enable them on your mobile device.

  • Badge notifications

    These notification are badges or dots that appear on the Circuit app icon to alert you for pending notifications. A badge automatically appears when a new notification is received while you are not using Circuit, and disappears when you open the app.

    • Badge on the Circuit icon on Windows

      The Circuit icon in the Windows taskbar or system tray displays a red dot when you have pending desktop notifications for new messages. Hover over the Circuit icon to view the number of unseen notifications.


      Badges are displayed only when you have the setting Use small icons (on Windows 7) or Use small taskbar buttons (on Windows 8 or later) un-ticked (default).

    • Badge the Circuit app icon on iOS

      The Circuit icon displays a red dot with a counter when you have pending mobile notifications for new messages. The counter indicates the number of these notifications.

    • Badge the Circuit app icon on Android

      The Circuit icon displays a red dot with a counter when you have unread messages. The counter indicates the number of conversations with unread messages.

  • Audio notifications

    These notifications are sounds played when events occur within Circuit. These include events that can trigger a desktop notification but also Circuit system events, e.g., app loaded; call started / ended / disconnected; confence started, participant joined or left a call; call to other person(s) went unanswered, etc.

You can set your desktop, mobile or audio notifications via the Settings menu, or you can temporarily disable them by activating Snooze notifications.


Notifications for changes in a person's availability status are always delivered, even when notifications are snoozed.

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