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Can I set status message, such as an "Out of Office"?

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Yes. You can let other people know what you are doing, if you are on vacation, busy, etc. By providing a free text as your status message, you can broadcast that information to others, so that they know why you might not response quickly or not respond at all for some time.

  1. To enter your status message, do the following:
    • On the web client and Desktop App, click the presence icon next to your avatar image.

    • On the iOS client, tap and then navigate to My status.

    • On the Android mobile client, go to the top-left side navigation drawer and navigate to My status.

  2. Type a message in the Status message field.

    Your status message automatically changes. Other people can immediately see your new status message by clicking or tapping your name or avatar in the conversation feed, conversation third column or flagged messages.

    You can also see how your status message is displayed to others, by visiting the preview pane under Settings > General > Privacy on the web client and Desktop App.


    In case you have opted out of sharing your presence with other Circuit user, your status message will not be displayed to them.

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