How does Circuit handle my Google credentials and data?

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Circuit does not store any of your data located in the Google Cloud Storage. Conversely, the Google Cloud Storage service does not obtain personal data from Circuit.

When you authenticate on the Google Cloud Storage service within Circuit, you authenticate directly against the third party service. Circuit does not process nor store your Google account credentials. The Google Cloud Storage service returns to Circuit an access token which is stored in Circuit alongside your user data. This Access Token can be revoked by you at any time from your user account management console on the Google Cloud Storage service platform.

When you use the integration to browse your cloud Drive, Circuit does not store nor caches the file list of your drive. When you share a file from your Drive using the integration, Circuit does not download, nor read or index the file. However, Circuit uses the API (if necessary) to make the file public and shares that link and the filename in the Circuit message. You may edit your message to remove the name and link to your file at any time.

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