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Can I delete files and conversation items?

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You can edit and delete messages that you have posted in a conversation. This includes deleting files you may have uploaded. Those messages are marked as edited or deleted so the context of any replies is not lost. However, entire conversation streams cannot be deleted.

If you no longer want to be part of a group conversation or Conference Bridge, nor to have access to it, see the conversation history or receive new messages, you can delete yourself from the conversation.

If you just no longer want a conversation to appear in the active conversation list, you can alternatively archive it.

If you just no longer want to be part of a group conversation, Conference Bridge or Community, but you want to keep a copy of the conversation, you can “leave” the conversation by clicking or tapping on the conversation details. When you leave a conversation, it is automatically archived so that you'll keep a frozen copy of the conversation state when you left. This is similar to real world conversations where you retain that memory of the conversation you were a part of.

After leaving a group conversation, Conference Bridge or Community, you will no longer receive any updates.

You cannot leave or delete a direct conversation but you can archive it.

If your organization is removed from the system, all data associated with it (conversations, files, etc.) is deleted from our data center.

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