How do I resolve issues with poor video quality?

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There are several factors that can result in poor video quality when using Circuit.

  • Webcam – Most webcams that support HD 720p should be sufficient for Circuit. However, some older models might not provide optimal resolution. If necessary, upgrade to a better model.

  • Bad lighting – Like any camera, the best picture quality is achieved on a webcam by lighting the user’s face. The picture will not be clear if the room is dark or there is a bright light, such as a window or lamp, behind the user. If possible, position the webcam so that your face is lit from the front.

  • Too many USB devices – If there are too many USB devices connected to your computer, there might be contention issue between these devices and the webcam that results in poor video quality. If possible, disconnect any USB devices that are not being used and connect the webcam directly to a computer port rather than a USB hub.

  • Insufficient power - If you are using a laptop in power saving mode, the CPU may be limited causing insufficient processing power for video processing. If possible, switch to AC power. If there are other applications running, ensure that they are not overloading the CPU or using significant bandwidth.

  • Poor network quality – Poor network quality can adversely impact the video quality of your call. For more information, see “How do I resolve connectivity issues?".

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