Video Room System support

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A video room system is a device or solution that allows people to attend a video conference from a meeting room.

A video room system comprise of the following components:
  • Video Endpoint Unit, including microphone and HD camera

  • Call Control Unit

  • Video Session Border Controller / Gateway

Besides Circuit Meeting Room, Unify’s easy to use, powerful and cost-effective video conferencing solution, Circuit supports SIP-based video room systems from other vendors like Cisco and Polycom. This allows customers and partners to leverage investment on existing video conferencing equipment while taking full advantage of Circuit’s potential.

A SIP-based video room system can join a Circuit conference via SIP URI and conference PIN. In addition to Circuit users and Circuit Meeting Rooms, a maximum of 4 video room systems can join a conference at a time.

Video room systems send video to others and receive video and content shared by others.
  • In single display configurations, the display shows the shared content, if any; otherwise it shows the active speaker.

  • In dual display configurations, both the video of the active speaker and the shared content are shown on the dual display. The specific display layout applied depends on the video room system.

On video room systems screen shares can be viewed but not initiated.

Video room systems are supported with HD 720p for video and FHD for shared content (screen share or whiteboard).

SIP H.264 AVC video codec and multiple audio codecs optimized for immersive experience or bandwidth are supported.

Recommended Reference Setups
  1. Cisco solution

    • Cisco Spark

    • Cisco Call Manager

    • Cisco Expressway

  2. Polycom solution

    • Polycom Group 500

    • Polycom DMA

    • Polycom RPAD/ DMA Edge

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