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Enabling the Zapier integration for Circuit

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The Zapier integration allows users in the domain to share content they have access to in Circuit to other SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) apps and pull content from other SaaS apps to publish it to Circuit. Circuit is not responsible of what these apps can do with said data.

As a domain administrator you can enable the Zapier integration in your domain as follows:

  1. On the web client and Desktop App, click your user name and then click Manage applications.
  2. Click the Apps tab.
  3. Locate the Zapier integration and click Enable.

Users in the domain can now visit zapier.com and create their zaps.


Currently, the Zapier integration for Circuit is either enabled or disabled for all users in the domain. As a domain administrator, you can disable the integration at any time, effectively ending all traffic to or from Zapier.

At Zapier level, you cannot control which SaaS apps your users get or send content to. All existing and upcoming Zapier integrations would be available to your users.

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