Regenerating a client secret for an Custom App

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As a domain administrator, you can regenerate the client secret of a Custom App at any moment. This should be done if you believe that the key is no longer secret.

  • You are the administrator of the domain or a user with developer read/write access rights.

  1. On the web client and Desktop App, click your user name, and then click Manage applications.
  2. Click the Custom Apps tab.
  3. In the list of apps, click the entry corresponding to the app you want to regenerate the client secret.

    You can regenerate the client secret only for authorization code and client credentials grant types. No client secret is given for implicit grant type.

  4. In Client secret, click Regenerate to generate a new client secret.

    A pop-up window appears asking to confirm that you want to generate a new client secret. Click Generate.

  5. The new client secret appear in a window. Click Copy to Clipboard to copy the client secret and click Close to close the window.

The client secret appears in the Manage application access screen. Copy the client secret, because if you go back to the application list and return back to the app, the client secret will not appear; only the Regenerate button will be shown.

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