Pulling an ongoing phone call from another device

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  • The Circuit Telephony Connector is setup and enabled to allow Circuit users to make and receive phone calls through the Circuit application.

  • You are signed in to multiple Circuit clients.

  • You are on an ongoing phone call into a remote Circuit client or desk phone.

You can pull the active phone call from the active device on which you answered the phone call to another preferred device.

The conversation status Remote call is displayed on all inactive Circuit clients on which you signed in.

To pull the phone call:
  • On the web client or Desktop App, click Pull in the phone call header.

  • On the mobile clients, when prompted, swipe to pull the phone call to this client and device.

Your current client/device is made the active client/ device.


Pulling an ongoing phone call from desk phone is only available to ATC users.


Once you are muted in a call and you pull the call to another Circuit client, you will remain muted until you decide to unmute. In case you use a desk phone, you cannot keep your mute status while pulling the call to another Circuit client.

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