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As a member of a pickup group, you can answer a phone call ringing another member in the group, using Circuit.

If a second call comes into the group while the first one is already ringing, then the second call will ring the intended member but it will only alert other members once the first call has been picked up or cleared.

If you are on a call, you do not see any calls to pickup until your current call is finished.

  • OpenScape Cloud or an Advanced Telephony Connector working with OpenScape Voice (V9R3.33.08, V9R3.34.07 or later) is set up and enabled allowing you to make and receive phone calls through the Circuit application.

  • You are a member of a pickup group.

  1. When a phone call is ringing another member in the group, you will be visually alerted on your Circuit client and desk phone. The Phone calls conversation will signal the call at the top of the conversation selector (pane on the left) and conversation header on your Circuit client.

    Apart from the number or name of the calling party, you will see the name of the ringing member displayed so that you distinguish pickup groups calls from calls directed to your own work number.

    1. To pick up the call, click .

      The call will stop ringing or alerting other pickup group members.

      Once you pick up the call, you can move it between your Circuit clients, like any other normal call.

    2. To ignore the call, click .

      You will be no longer alerted on Circuit nor on your desk phone and you will be no longer able to pick up that call.

  2. If you picked up a call and you want to end it, click , like any other normal call.

    The call will appear in your call log. The call log entry will include information about the calling party and the name of the member that the call was originally intended for.

    The originally called person will see in their call log that the call has been redirected to you and who the calling party was.


Incoming phone calls to your own work number will still follow the routing rules you have configured.


Picking up a call via Circuit is currently only available on the web client and Desktop App.

Unify phones offers an option in their menu to pick up a call. This is offered to OpenScape Cloud users, as well.

A pickup group can be setup to delay the alert at pickup group members to give the originally called person time to accept the call. If the originally called member of the pickup group has enabled the voicemail and the ringing duration is less than the delay timer, then the call will be redirected to voicemail and the rest of the pickup group members will not get a notification.

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