Enabling call forwarding (OSBiz)

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The OpenScape Business Connector allows making outgoing phone calls and receiving incoming phone calls via the Circuit application using your work phone number.

It allows you, also, to redirect your phone calls to a person of your choice or to voicemail when you are out of office or unavailable by using the Call forwarding feature.

  1. On your web client and Desktop App navigate to Settings > Telephony.
  2. Locate the Call forwarding section.
  3. To enable call forwarding switch the Call forwarding slider to ON (green) and select one of the following options:
    1. If you want to forward your phone calls to a colleague, select the Number/Name option and enter a name or the phone number.
    2. If you want to forward your calls to the voicemail, select the Voicemail option. As you type in, a list of suggested contacts and numbers is displayed to select from.

      Once you enable the call forwarding, the call forwarding icon () is shown in the upper right corner of Circuit. You can click this icon to quickly view your call forwarding settings, then, click Disable to disable call forwarding or click the settings link to edit the settings.

  4. To disable call forwarding navigate to Setting > Telephony and switch the Call forwarding slider to OFF (gray).

    On the web client and Desktop App, you can alternatively click

    and the, click Disable.

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