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The first time you attempt to use Circuit in Chrome, you will be asked to allow Circuit to use your microphone and camera. In the prompt that appears click Allow to allow Circuit to access your... More >
To change your configuration in Circuit for Outlook, perform the following steps. To access the configuration area: in Microsoft Outlook 2007, click Tools > Options and then navigate to the Circuit... More >
In case you are using Microsoft Outlook 2010 or higher, you can use the Contact Card functionality available with Circuit for Outlook. This feature allows you to click on an Outlook contact and... More >
Calls can be seamlessly moved between Circuit devices, even if the devices are running on different platforms, e.g iOS, Android and Web PC. Prerequisites: You need to sign in on multiple devices... More >
Circuit automatically updates your presence status when you are online, on a call, offline, or away. You are Online as soon as you sign in to the Circuit web client or Desktop App. You are Mobile -... More >
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